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Title: "Intangible"

Sponsors: UPAO University and Canon

Description: Human activity in the Quebrada Santo Domingo (Peru) dates back 10,000 years. The valley is designated a “Zona Intangible” (untouchable land) by the Ministry of Culture. However, land traffickers are destroying much of the archaeological sites in the valley. Using aerial photographs, this project documents the beauty and mystery of the few remaining ancient geoglyphs. It also records their systematic destruction. The exhibition of this work in Lima contributes to a campaign led by the Peruvian artist and photographer Jose Carlos Orrillo to protect the region. In May 2015, following intense media coverage and outcry over the loss of a “triple spiral" geoglyph, the Ministry of Culture announced the "recovery" of more than 250 hectares of this valley.

Role: Aerial Photographer

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